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Removing Barriers.
Creating Opportunities. 

Skillcity Institute

Skillcity Institute is a social impact organization founded in 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta. Our goal is to empower children, youth, and adults from underrepresented and under-resourced communities in Canada, through initiatives that enhance their socioeconomic development and well-being. 

We partner with social service organizations, education providers, local businesses, and diverse community stakeholders, to create economic development pathways for Canadians through programs that foster work skills development, entrepreneurial culture and life-long learning. 

 Our career education and experiential learning model ensures that all individuals have equal opportunity to pursue enriching careers and reach their full economic potential.

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Who We Work With


We provide work-related education programs for schools and colleges throughout Alberta. Connecting educators with industries, supporting supplemental career and enterprise education.

Business Meeting

We work with employers and their employees to inspire, and motivate. Opening doors for young adults, assisting businesses in developing and running corporate social responsibility programs, brokering work experience, employee volunteer programs, and facilitating workplace visits.

College Student
Young People

Working with underserved young adults helps them gain essential skills, experience, confidence, and resilience to successfully move into higher education, employment, and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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STEMCEL puts the power in participants' hands, enabling them to visualize their future selves. Through career scenarios, experimentation, and virtual experiences, participants discover their skills and better understand what careers they may find success in.


Gain first-hand experience through knowledge and problem-solving while developing self-awareness and personal growth. Collaborate with peers and mentors, and work with various organizations and professionals. 

Digital Badges, Rewards, and Recognition.
Digital Certificates and Micro-credentials.
Career & Technology Studies school credits
Peer-to-peer mentoring for school credits​

What We Do

Careers & Enterprise Education
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