Careers Education

We inspire and prepare young people for the fast growing world of work by enlightening them about career paths that are available to them and the prerequisites for entry into such careers. Studies show that young people who have 4 or more encounters with the world of work are 86% less likely to be NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Our mandate is to inspire students about their career options and give them real-world goals to aim for. We explain the route into industries and open students' eyes to possible careers.

According to research by Gatwick Foundation, for young people to build a rewarding career and transition effectively into the world of work, they need three things :

1) Encounters with higher education
2) Information about how the curriculum links to careers
3) A plan, personalized based on their strengths and passions

Skillcity Institute in collaboration with schools invites employers into the classroom to speak to students about a wide range of different occupations.

Speakers tell students about:
• their personal career journey and what attracted them to their current role
• the different career options within their industry
• routes into these industries
• what subjects they need to study/qualifications they need to get
• an idea about the potential salary range
• anything else they might think relevant – personal anecdotes always help to bring talks to life

Our aim is to motivate students and open their eyes to the different futures which they can start to explore.