[Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship]

ICE activities are designed to develop a blend of:

ICE, our flagship program, establishes a strong connection between STEM, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, with a priority focus on disadvantaged kids (Aged 6-12 and 13-19) from low income or visible minority households, who are underrepresented in STEM careers.
Facilitated by industry professionals and student volunteers as mentors, our ICE program engages young people in activities and experiences that allow them to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration and work through the creative process. 

By facilitating frequent interactions with STEM industry professionals, we encourage more young people to pursue STEM careers, help to address the STEM talent shortage, and contribute to a strong, future-ready workforce.

Our community-based strategy engages schools, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and improvements in STEM teaching and learning at a systems level. 
We provide an enabling environment for young people to explore, experiment, discover, innovate, collaborate, create, mess up, learn, remake, test, improve, present, sell, reproduce. Yes! That's what STEMpreneurs do!

A few ways organizations or industry experts can get involved in ICE:

  • Facilitate ICE sessions in school, out-of-school programs and booth camps
  • Commit 1 hour weekly or biweekly to one-on-one mentoring of a young person
  • An organization can invite a group of young persons to their workplace to give them a tour of their facility
  • Commit to virtual mentoring of a young person
  • Visit a school or out-of-school career club and participate in a Q & A session with kids and be their role models
  • Industry experts may also volunteer to be a mentor/panel of judges in an entrepreneurship challenge/competition
  • An organization can offer work experience placement or career exploration opportunities to high school students for a specified period of time
  • An organization can make financial contributions to sponsor our ICE activities (Six sessions per year, please refer to our ICE Project Overview)