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At STEMCEL, learning doesn't feel like school. It's fun, digital, and adventurous. It's real-life experiences powered by Virtual Reality. It's a space where Explorers meet Adventurers, Navigators, and Heroes, using the superpowers of STEM to build a world of unlimited possibilities. 

STEMCEL Programming
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STEMCEL Highlights:
In today's innovative world, information is power.


With the experience you'll have at our STEMCEL Lab, you'll be able to put the power in your hands and build multiple prototypes of your future self! Develop career scenarios to experience and discover what drives you and what careers best suit you.

Explore a world of careers through virtual reality and video-based job-shadowing industry experiences. With hands on experience through work place tours

STEM learning games with fun interactive hands-on and minds-on activities. Personality X-Rays, Skills & Interest mapping, Career Matching and virtual tours

Digital platforms for College and Career Exploration featuring a world of unlimited possibilities

Get access to use STEMCEL lab equipment and tools such as VR headsets, 3D printer, Laser engraving and CNC, Smart interactive display, digital microscopes, STEM green screen production kit, etc.

Develop STEM skills, 21st century skills and digital fluency (coding, robotics, digital media development)

Project-based Learning and Co-Creation sessions to foster collaboration, co-creation, innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurial spirit

Create and share your digital portfolio online (show the world what you are made of!)

Learn to create whiteboard animation videos with a cool easy-to-use software (create the world you imagine) a skill you can sell for money on the gig market. Why not?


STEMCEL Benefits:

You will gain first-hand experience by applying knowledge and problem-solving skills while developing self-awareness and immense personal growth through collaboration with peers, project-based mentors, and working with different organizations and professionals in various industries.

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City News:

Black CEO makes STEM accessible for Edmonton youth

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You will gain the knowledge and skills to develop a clear path for your future. Lean "smart skills" that puts you ahead of your peers. Develop your resume and earn digital badges and certificates you can proudly share across your social media profiles. Show that you're forward thinking and attract great opportunities and build a future that is specifically yours

Clareview Recreation Centre

3804 139 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 3G4

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