VR Goggles

STEM Career Exploration Lab

At STEMCEL, learning doesn't feel like school. It's fun, digital, and adventurous. It's real life experiences powered with Virtual Reality. It's a cool space where Explorers meet Adventurers, Navigators, and Heroes, using the superpowers of STEM to build a world of unlimited possibilities. 

With STEMCEL experiences put the power in your hands to build multiple prototypes of your future self, using career scenarios to experiment and discover what stuff you're made of and what careers you are wired for. 

Gain first-hand experience applying knowledge and problem-solving skills while developing self awareness and personal growth in collaborating with peers, project-based mentors, and working with organizations and professionals in various industries.

In today's smart world, information is power. You can gain knowledge that lights up the pathway to your future. Learn "smart skills" that puts you way ahead of your peers. You can start building your resume from now, by earning digital badges and certificates you can openly display across social media sites, as part of your online portfolio, on your LinkedIn profile, blog, or résumé. It shows that you are forward-thinking; a smart strategy to attract great opportunities to yourself and build an unlimited future.

STEMCEL Highlights:
  • Explore a world of careers through virtual reality and video-based job-shadowing industry experiences
  • Develop STEM skills, 21st century skills and digital fluency (coding, robotics, digital media development)
  • STEM learning games with fun interactive hands-on and minds-on activities
  • Project-based Learning and Co-Creation sessions to foster collaboration, co-creation, innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Personality X-Rays, Skills & Interests Mapping, Career Matching and Virtual Tours
  • Digital platforms for College and Career Exploration featuring a world of unlimited possibilities
  • Create and share your digital portfolio online (show the world what you are made of!)
  • Get access to use STEMCEL lab equipment and tools such as, VR headsets, 3D printer, Laser engraving and CNC, Smart interactive display, digital microscopes, STEM green screen production kit, etc.
  • Learn to create whiteboard animation videos with a cool easy-to-use software (create the world you imagine) a skill you can sell for money on the gig market. Why not?
  • Workplace tours and field trips

STEMCEL Benefits:
  • Digital Badges, Rewards and Recognition
  • Digital Certificates and Micro-credentials
  • Career & Technology Studies (CTS) school credits
  • Experiential interviews and interactions and with industry experts from various fields
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring for school credits
  • Virtual job-shadowing and on-site work experience oppotunties
  • Success coaching, help with academic and career pathways choices
  • Mentorship and sponsorship opportunities (including CTS credits offerings)
  • Learn how to find and get scholarships, bursaries and education grants
  • Gain employability skills and find job opportunities