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Work Experience

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We are calling all high school students in Alberta!

Are you looking to gain work experience? 

We're working with local businesses, educational institutes, and the community by encouraging young people to develop their skills and entrepreneurial culture by offering skill-building and project-based activities to connect their future education and potential careers by providing real-life encounters with the world of work and exposure to STEM and other emerging fields shaping the future of work.

How it Works

We'll coordinate work experience placements for students in grades 10, 11, and 12 and those upgrading. ​


We match students to potential employers

 STEP 2 

We carrying out workplace risk assessments


We preparing both parties to make the most of the placement

Additionally, we arrange flexible placements for students studying vocational subjects. These can take place over one week or once a week over a more extended period.

Complete the intake form below and schedule your free consultation today!

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