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About Us

Skillcity institute is a social impact organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, incorporated in 2015. We inspire and prepare young people from racialized communities and low-income households, giving them the tools and resources to prepare them for the fast-changing world of work.

We partner with local businesses, education providers, and the community. We encourage children, youth, and young adults to develop future skills. We are working to create an entrepreneurial culture by engaging participants in skill-building and project-based activities. We offer programs that connect their learnings to future career possibilities. 

Providing encounters with the world of work, participants gain exposure to emerging fields shaping the future of work. Ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to pursue high potential careers and reach their full potential.

Our Mission


Skillcity Institute works with Canadians facing systemic barriers, under-resourced and underrepresented individuals, to reach their full economic potential through career education, training, skills development and mentoring.

Our Vision


Skillcity Institute envisions an equitable and just society in which all young people regardless of their socio-economic background, color, race, religion or gender can pursue all opportunities without fear or limitations. A nation without systemic barriers and equal access to resources, networks and opportunities.


Careers & Enterprise Education

We expose young people to careers and industries through Education Business Partnership (EBP) initiatives; we organize workplace visits and invite professionals and companies to inpire youth by sharing their experiences, career insights and enterprise journeys.

What We Do



We provide bespoke mentoring (school, community, corporate, career, or peer mentoring), an alternative support system for young people at risk of disengaging from education, or new immigrant youth to get quicker integration through mentoring.


Workforce Development

We promote and engage in workforce development initiatives focused on bridging the skills gaps in Canadian industries.

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Thank you for your generous support.


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