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On-Demand Youth Entrepreneurship Skills Training 

With entrepreneurs and small businesses driving our economy, it is crucial that we prepare our youth with the 21st Century Skills necessary to support the workforce needs of business and prepare future entrepreneurial leaders across all sectors of our economy.

Youthpreneur supports youth aged 18-35 to overcome employment barriers and start their own self-employment or micro-enterprises. This on-demand training program is tailored for both individual and group-based learning and includes entrepreneur skills training, mentorship by experienced entrepreneurs, peer-to-peer experiences, and one on one system navigation.

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 Participants will learn: 

The entrepreneurial Mindset, Traits and Leadership.

Financial Issues and Sources of Financing

Digital Skills, Business Tools and Resources

Entrepreneurial Skillset and 21st Century Skills.

Legal Structure and Operations

Your Business Model Canvas

Innovation, Creativity and Opportunity Identification

Pitching and Marketing your Business

Planning for Success and Sustainability

At the end of the program, participants will have gained market-ready skills, grown their networks of support, and identified a start-up venture. Participants will have a product or service pitch day, during which they will have allocated minutes to pitch their product or service to a panel of judges.

Program costs, times, duration and location are set on-demand and based on the client’s needs. Contact us to request more information.

Learning Formats

There are two different learning formats available

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