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We're working with local businesses, educational institutes, and the community by encouraging young people to develop their skills and entrepreneurial culture by offering skill-building and project-based activities to connect their future education and potential careers by providing real-life encounters with the world of work and exposure to STEM and other emerging fields shaping the future of work.

Skillcity. Built on the principles of equity, partnership, and sustainability. We develop out-of-the-box initiatives and innovative partnerships that empower young people to discover their strengths and reach their full potential. Our mission is to equip young people with skills and know-how to maximize their potential and boost their chances for success.

Mentoring Opportunities

Skillcity's mentorship program is fluid and allows volunteers/participants to choose the mentoring that best suits them. Mentorship can be one-on-one to allow for closer and deeper relationships to form and create personalized sessions that focus on the mentees' prospects. There is also the option of a group setting with multiple mentees of the same demographic to promote engagement with peers and collaboration. Mentors will choose the age group they would like to engage with, starting from children in elementary to adults in university or currently employed.


The main goal of mentorship is to create the foundations for a good relationship by setting goals and objectives. The mentorship program can be 4 or 6 months long with a minimal commitment of 4 hours per month spent with the mentee, either once a week or bi-weekly sessions. This time allows for the mentor to teach essential skills to the mentee(s) and learn about the career prospects they can attain with these skills. The hours spent with the mentee will consist of activities, skill-building, and learning about new possibilities in the world of work.

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Mentorship Phases

Our mentorship program is broken down into three phases:


The first phase allows the mentor and mentee(s) to familiarize themselves with each other and discuss potential goals and objectives to build the foundation for a good relationship.


The second phase is of utmost importance as it is the bulk of the program. During this time, mentors teach their mentee(s) essential skills and the career prospects available with these newly acquired skills.


During the third phase, the mentors and mentees reflect on their experience together, review their goals and objectives, and assess their learnings and newly procured knowledge.

Introductions and Foundation
Progress and Learning
Calls to Action

Our Goals for Mentorship:

  • Make informed choices in school and in life while choosing potential career paths
  • Help participants discover and develop their strengths and weaknesses
  • Help participants discover and develop transferable skills that they can take with them as career assets
  • Get exposure to create an insight into industry requirements
  • Build a positive relationship with a mentee and help them discover the world of STEM
  • Help young mentees stay in school and reduce the number of dropouts as a result of career guidance
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