STEM Heroes+ connects you to STEM professionals that will guide you to discover and explore new paths. STEM mentors introduce you to careers you may not have otherwise been exposed to or thought attainable. Additionally, you will explore and learn essential 21st Century Skills and see how they are applied in the real world. 

STEM Heroes+ bridges the gap between what you learn in class and real-world problem-solving. The skills you develop in this program will prepare you to solve big problems, adapt to the future of work and create your dream job. Your future career may begin here! 
STEM Mentoring
STEM is more than just the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is the way of thinking and the skills that will enable your generation to solve the world’s most significant challenges.

80% of the fastest-growing occupations require STEM skills. And 65% of current elementary and high school students will work in roles that do not exist yet. As our world digitizes, many of these new roles, and existing ones, will require STEM skills.

This program aims to prepare you to realize your full potential as you move from school to the future workforce.

Program Structure, Duration and Time Commitment 
STEM Heroes+ is an eight-week program. Four weekly sessions will be exposure sessions. A wide range of professionals will be giving you a sneak peak into their what they do, why and how. Four subsequent sessions will be job-shadowing events. You’ll have the opportunity to see STEM skills in action and explore STEM careers by interviewing professionals. 

Finally, the program will culminate with STEM Heroes Day, an open event where [details about the event].

Skillcity welcomes all participants. Apply here.