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SkillCity Career and Volunteer Opporunities

Getting Involved is Easy!
We rely on employee volunteers to inspire and motivate the next generation. Our corporate volunteering opportunities in London schools and colleges help businesses to connect with and support local young people.
We welcome individual professionals or groups of employees from a wide range of industries. You don’t need experience of working with young people, just plenty of enthusiasm! We will provide briefings beforehand and support you on the day.

Opportunities include


Take part in a Careers Carousel and explain your job and career path


Present at an interview skills or resume building workshop


Deliver a talk about your job to students studying related subjects


Join an enterprise workshop and help students build their own business

Sessions run throughout the academic year and can take place over a few hours or whole school day. We will match you or your team to the most appropriate opportunities based on your location, availability and professional background.

Benefits of Employee Volunteering?

Corporate volunteering can help your company connect with the community, develop employees’ skills and enjoy time away from the office! Our volunteering opportunities require only a small time investment, ranging from a couple of hours to a school day, making it easy for individuals or organisations of any size to participate.

Fundraising or providing in-kind support

We’re always looking for new partnerships or programs ideas, please contact us if you’d like to offer support in any other way.

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