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Edmonton Youth Economic Ecosystem Collaborative (EYEEC)


The Edmonton Youth Economic Ecosystem Collaborative (EYEEC) is a collaborative of members (individuals and organizations) working with youth and other stakeholders to improve economic conditions for young people (15-30 years) in Edmonton, especially youth facing barriers, by supporting changes to systems that will make it easier for youth to access and sustain meaningful employment, career development, training or entrepreneurship opportunities

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Projects to date

EYEEC Youth Engagement Projects

EYEEC worked with youth to plan and implement 2 large engagement opportunities,
one in 2021 to identify barriers and opportunities and the other in 2022 to brainstorm 
solutions to those barriers.  

We heard from 250 youth who generated over 300 ideas, that called for
their elevated involvement and increased collaborative work with the workforce
development organizations, private businesses, funders, educators, and other
government ministries.

The specific ideas emerging from these sessions for stakeholders were increasing
diversity and inclusion in recruiting and in workplace settings, and more funding for
internships that lead to permanent employment, flexible and accessible programs for
clients seeking career and employment support, and a more consistent, relevant
curriculum for career exploration and employment readiness supports in junior and
senior high settings. Including youth voice and decision-making at the table was widely

Solutions for the whole economic development sector include working more
collaboratively to identify gaps and opportunities. Working towards collective advocacy
and changes that will have the most significant impact on youth, employers, and
workforce development organizations emerged out of the conversations and research.

EYEEC sees a role in convening a cross-sector of stakeholders to have real
conversations about policies, funding, programs, and focus areas that could address the
long-standing youth unemployment and inequitable economic opportunities for young
people in Edmonton and hopefully scale this to Alberta as well.

View the full reports and snapshots from 2021 and 2022 below: 
2021 Report & Snapshot
2022 Report & Snapshot
Report - EYEEC Youth Activation Sessions 2022_edited.jpg
Snapshot - EYEEC Youth Activation Sessions 2022.png
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